Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This year we're going big with Valentines day.  First we started with those spiral sugar cookies I talked about here.

Next came the Red velvet cupcakes, with a special treat for me as an added bonus.  Who would have thought Duncan Hines has a milk free red velvet cake mix? 

Although I did have to ban the rubber band guns from the table as while I was getting the cupcake pans out the boys emerged a rubber band and then loaded the gun...

Having this quick cake mix I was able to give most of my attention to the Italian cheese bread sticks I was making in bulk for a fundraiser the teens were putting on at church.

Speaking of sauce to continue on our Red day we make pepperoni pizza with red crust for dinner...Scratch half way through dinner we realized we forgot the food coloring. It was still a great finish to our day.

1727.  A cold day full of baking.
1728.  Making the normal new simply by adding red.
1729.  Milk free cake mix.
1730.  Rubber band guns.
1731.  Little boy mischief.
1732.  Smell of fresh breads.
1733.  Waking the littles up with the excitement of a cupcake.
1734.  Pizza night.

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