Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our first Valentine

Just two months after we were married came our first Valentines day together.  He worked at a law office and I worked as the housekeeping manager at a local hotel.  It was a normal Maine winter day; lots of snow.  Two of my coworkers came into work annoyed because the windshield wipers had given out.  As my shift came to a close I did the best I could to look presentable and waited for Strong man to pick me up.  Seconds after he arrived our windshield wipers gave out.  He still wanted to take me out to dinner so we stopped quick to at his parents house to see if we could borrow a car.  Turns out his Dad's car also had malfunctioning wipers so Strong man grabbed a shovel and off we went (At the time Strong man used his bank card to scrape this windshield so the shovel was a step up for us).  The snow coming down hard demanded us to shovel off the windshield every at every stop light.  Good memories!

That was fun, next.

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