Friday, February 10, 2012

Expectations of Motherhood.

A friend stopped by today, swung in with a gift of chicken soup.  A preson I think of often, she has walked this road of motherhood slightly longer then I.  A person that lives only on Kingdom work and she too has a first born son.  I've watched her battle with the "christian trend" and what kind of Motherhood is right.  Something in the past month I've really had to focus on.  My ideas, expectations of what a godly mother looks like.

I've heard it said that at this small age my boys only need me and Strong man.  I've heard it said that those who send there kids to school are sending there lambs to be eaten by wolves.  I've heard it said that those who can't eat, sleep and breath in there children don't know how to be good mothers.

My son closer to four is asking about electrons and is learning about those planets made up of gas.  At two he was showing the Doctor where the screws went in the table and explaining what tools were used to put it together.  Just six months later when we went to the animal farm were he was more interested in how the engine of the tracter worked then feeding the goats, never satisfied with my simple answers...Little brother, he's a different story, he doesn't care about the how's and why's, he just plows through life with every cell in his body laughing as he goes.  The smallest of gifts or thoughful acts are taken in with so much joy you have to stop and wonder if he really might explode.  For him it's the simple things..Night and day these two are. 

I'm quickly finding that to inspire and grow one while trying to keep the other from jumping through the window is almost impossible for me alone.  I'm finding that I'm grateful to be alone when 1 o'clock comes.  I'm finding that preschool with these two boys is a task that might be a tad bit too big for me to do alone.

Ah but what does scripture say about this assignment called motherhood.  The goals are clear: teach them to be respectful (Philippians 2:3), responsible (Romans 14:12), and obedient (Ephesians 6:1).  Teach them to love the True God with all that they are (Deuteronomy 6:5)...The method to do this?  Simply by living an intentional life (Deuteronomy 6:7-9). What that looks like?  Well now that's all up to Strong man and I.

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