Monday, February 6, 2012

Prayer, Elisha, & Gifts

My dream is be in communion with my Maker as Elisha was.  Do you remember the mother who's son died.  When she arrived at Elisha's place he told his servant to let her come to him because he didn't know why she was there.  To me that suggests that he did often know why it was that people were coming to him.

Kitchen - before

That is the kind of prayer life I want.  I mean after all prayer is simply communing with God.  After Jesus came we were promised to be heirs with Jesus.  Therefore God must delight in our talks together.  I know I do.  I have for months asked for this kind of relationship.

Tin ceiling

Living room - before

The office - before

As I was saying I want to know God's heart and I think there are some key ways in doing so.  One is constant, all the time, day and night conversation.  The other is trust.  Every relationship is built on trust.
The Master bedroom - before
Recently in looking for a new home I had a choice to make.  I think all is well and the choices made were good.  I honestly think it all came down to a good and better decision.  I chose good.  There are no wrong doings here.  Let me back up and explain a bit.
The boys room - before

Not to long ago I was happily sleeping when I was woken with the urge to pray.  Specifically our next move which we weren't planning or talking about.  At first I said a quick yeah whatever Lord help us in our next move kind of prayer.  Then I tried to quickly fall back to sleep only the urge continued needing more prayer.  So I prayed.  
~ I prayed for the walls to have color. 
~ I prayed for an extra small room for an office space. 
~ I prayed for a nice stove to cook and can on. 
~ I prayed for character.   
~ I prayed for a garden area.
~ I prayed for lots of sun light.
~ I prayed for floors that weren't carpeted.
~ I prayed for storage space.

In all of this I wondered why it was I was praying for these things. We weren't planning on moving in the near future.  Days later it was decided we should move.  All four of us agreed, it was time. 

As you can tell the boys have moved right in, mess and all!

I knew because I was woken up to pray that we would find our next home quickly.  I knew this was a God thing.  I was and still am overjoyed that the LORD would wake me up in the middle of the night to pray for our next step, unknown to us, in a specific way.

Pictures just don't do the place justice.

Three day later within three hours of this apartment opening up Strong man had called on it.  A few hours later we were signing papers.  Everything I asked God for that night He gave to us and more. 
~ The walls were my colors.
~ Not only did we have an office space but there were built in shelves.
~ Not only a nice stove, but a brand new never used before stove.
~ Built in the 1800's I not only got character I also got two fire places as built in decoration.
~ As the landlord just bought the place two months ago he has done nothing with the yard and gave me permission to do whatever I please.
~ 11 huge windows giving me sun light all day long.
~ I prayed for floors that weren't carpeted.
~ More storage space then I have stuff for.
The only exception is a carpet in the boys room.  There is a reason for anything the LORD does.  Still waiting to find out what that is...

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask him!
~ Matthew 7:11

1610.  Writer sister to babysit while we work out the details.
1611.  Color on the walls.
1612.  No dishwasher.
1613.  Friends on the hill.
1617.  Less stuff.
1622.  Handy Mom, a thrifty shopper.
1643.  Internet included.
1657.  Strong man to take the boys so I can pack.
1663.  Many hands to help us move.
1664.  Doughnuts to snack on.
1665.  Pizza.
1666.  Rest at the end of a long day.
1667.  Quietness in a new home.
1668.  Time in the Word alone.
1669.  Apple scented candles.
1683.  Strong men to help us move.
1684.  Seamstress sister to organize my kitchen.
1685.  Friends to bring us dinner our first night here.
1686.  Big windows to move couches through.

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