Monday, February 13, 2012

"A Stinking Awesome day", EFA 2.4

On many family adventures we get more then we planned for.  Here are a few examples.

On our third anniversary we left Man of the woods with Nana to take our missionary sister her new car out to her in New York and then went on for a world famous Renaissance fair.  We each had walkie talkies.  At a very plain point on I95 the conversation went like this:
Me: Hey Big Red, did you see that moose back there?
Strong man: No I didn't.
Me:  Me either, just checking though.

Just after after laughter was born while it was still below freezing we headed off to Cabelas for a fun family day.  It was a blast.  Just as we were leaving I decided to change little Laughter's diaper.  Having spent the entire afternoon in the snugly I had no idea what I was getting into.  So after I got him all cleaned up I realized there was no way I could put those filthy clothes back on him.  So I wrapped his naked little body up in my winter coat and brought him out to the car where I could find a clean outfit.  As usual Laughter was all smiles.

The coming summer we decided a trip to LL Beans was in order.  Man of the woods had been potty trained long enough that we stopped bring a change of clothes for him.  As he was trying to pee on the potty and somehow he peed all over his pants.  Him mortified and his pants soaked we ended up spending over $25 on new pair of little boy paints.

Another time Man of the woods had to use the potty so we pulled off the interstate only to find our car wouldn't start up again. 

It's always an adventure.

This weeks adventure involved a flat tire just as we started down 295.  We ended up in a podunk town having lunch at a tiny convenient store and playing connect four until the tire was patched up. 

It's true that full spare that hangs on the back of our car was well, more for looks then anything else.  A while back we ran over a nail.  Forgetting to have it patched it just hung there.  All in all our breakdown only cost 20 bucks with an unexpected lunch.

As promised we headed off to Cabela's for a "stinking awesome" afternoon in the words of Man of the woods.

Who could turn down the request of a Beans stop too?

1717.  Flat tires.
1718.  Little boys making sure that small shadows follow along.
1719.  Podunk town.

1719.  Buky's Auto.
1720.  Small convinient store to have lunch in.
1721.  Youngest man's laughter.
1722.  Laughter's hiccups from all the laughing.

1723.  Excitement over Cabela's.
1724.  Little boys and cupcakes.
1725.  Conversation with Strong man as small men sleep on long car rides.

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