Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Berry season has begun!

Oh yes it is that time of year.  The time where my hands are perpetually stained with berry juice.  The boys only eat fresh berries, and this Momma begins the canning process.

These five quarts were a preseason gift from my Aunts fields.  Anybody from the the Oxford area I have tried all the fields in the area and these are the best, even compared to the places up here, her berries are hands down the are the best.  Check out the FB page for Fairwind Farms here.

#2426-2433-A gift of love; fresh picked berries.-Smell of cooking jam.-Watching the steam rise from a dusted off pressure cooker.-Sweet sound of jars sealing.-Dreaming of fresh bread & homemade jam.-Berry stained hands.-Smoothies with dinner.-Melt in your mouth berries throughout the day; a little piece of heaven with each bite.


  1. And who would speak in such ways to me?! Come have some.