Friday, June 1, 2012

EFA 2.12-Belfast

Since yesterday was a no nap day and because of unwanted appointments we wouldn't be able to get off early this morning we decided to head to Belfast.  A first for the boys.  It was simple, laid back, and fun.  There was virtually no packing or unpacking, no wet clothes or fish to gut, nothing just us.  A few treats from the local candy store, lots of time climbing on the rocks and a simple lunch.  to finish the day off we had "dinner" at Gifford's.  A good day.

2292.  Man of the woods a chatter box the entire ride.
2293.  Sunshine and cool ocean breezes.
2294.  Walking up and down the sidewalks.
2295.  Walking through the farmers market sampling a little of everything.
2296.  Slight of hand games.
2297.  A family that is satisfied most with being together and happy with inexpensive treasures.
2298.  As the boys played with sticks I was reminded that my time with them is short.
2299.  The smell of clean boys.

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