Friday, June 8, 2012

Birdsacre - EFA 2.15

Since the water was to high for fishing today we went to the Birdsacre wildlife sanctuary.  It's free and huge.  I recommend it to any and all.

I've been looking for the perfect flower for this shot for a long time.

I'm in love!

2308.  Boys who didn't once ask for things as we shopped.
2309.  Man of the woods who stopped to help a stranger pick up the things he had dropped.
2310.  The symmetry of nature.
2311.  Nature walks.
2312.  Shiloh the blind great horned owl that gave my boys great delight.
2313.  Board walks through mossy bogs.
2314.  Green everywhere.
2315.  Bold colored flowers.
2316.  Birds of all kinds.
2317.  Man of the woods offering on his own accord to share his snack knowing it's one of my favorites.
2318.  The joy Man of the woods had as he carefully examined and compared the different nests on display.
2319.  Laughter telling us that he would "change his anger to obedience".

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