Monday, June 25, 2012

What to do with 15 quarts of strawberries?

I shall tell you all week long.  =)

See the flower shaped berry?

But before we get to that a short tale of how I came about 15 quarts.  I have a wonderful aunt that gifted five quarts to me.  The rest I wish came from her fields, but alas I just couldn't make the three hour drive there and three hours back.  So I settled for the next best thing.  Grandpa B and my Man of the woods.

When I was the size Man of the woods is now.  My Dad took me strawberry picking for the first time.  I loved it.  Every year it was definitely one of my highlights.  Since they day I found out I was expecting my first boy, I began dreaming of berry picking with him.  So this year I got my wish.

The only proof Man of the woods came along.
Oh wait there's this one too.

In my minds eye the three of us would go and have a quiet restful time of berry picking.  Man of the woods would have a strawberry covered face, but be totally into picking for hours.  Ha!  he picked about twelve berries and then was ready to call it quits.  So we made him the official photographer, worm digger, and car watcher.  All in all it didn't take us very long to meet our quota.  And even though he asked about every five minutes if we could leave now as soon as we were in the car he said he can't wait to do it again next year!

What shall you do with all those berries? First things first I gave one quart away to dear friends.  Then I got to cooking.  I LOVE the smell of cooking berries.  More on that later.

Yummy recipes coming right up!

#s ??- #s??
~ cloudy days for berry picking
~ Grandpa to come all the way up just to pick berries with me.
~ Juicy berries.
~ Walking with Man of the woods for more flats.
~ flower shaped berry.
~ Man of the woods taking photos of Grandpa B's car so that he may never forget what it looks like.
~ A patient Grandpa.
~ Man of the woods looking forward to next year.
~ Laughter handling the fact that he's too little extremely well.

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