Sunday, June 10, 2012

A song written by a teenage friend of mine.

You are the Creator! Worthy of all Praise!!

You are the Creator...
Worthy of all Praise!
Let the nations bow down before You,
let the rulers of all the nations bow down,
casting their crowns down before Your thrown singing,
“You are God the Creator of all!
The Maker of the earth!
You are worthier of praise than the sky can proclaim.
Your Son,
the Lamb,
the atoning Sacrifice,
the Maker of my life,
giver of life through man. 
You are God and I am Your servant. 
We aren't worthy of Your grace. 
We are humbled at Your feet. 
You are Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy! “
Raise your hands all you nations below,
praise the risen King with the creation. 
Freely we will sing,
“My Jesus Who concord death and hell's fiery gate to purify us in the fire of Your love. 
Change us into Your people, for we are the clay in Your potter's hand. 
You are worthy of all praise. You are Holy, Holy, Holy....”

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