Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet my sibs

It takes quite a lot to get our gang all together and even more effort to get us all to stand still for a family photo. 

But this particular BBQ was in honor of our my brother Pickle and his wife Mrs. Pickle.

Meet Pickle, he's in the air force.

And his beautiful wife, Mrs. Pickle.  We were goofing off with the cameras for this shot, but as I looked back over my photos I realized this is the only one I have of her.  Oops!

And now to introduce the rest of the gang:
And you thought I never made any trouble?

Here we are, The original four and then five and then seven and then seven in a half.  Plus the spouses and significant others.  Oh and a best friend that is just like any of the other brothers, he's in the kutless shirt. 

And then there's this one:

See the one in the background with his tongue sticking out that's number five and the guy in the green shirt flew in from the south just to see him.  Long lost brothers.  True story.

I know there's a lot of us so let me break this down a bit:

The original four with spouses minus one.  The two in white tanks are still in the getting to know you phase. Technecally my sister counts for two as she's expecting her second child sometime around Christmas.

You already met number five:

On to sibs numbered six and seven.

Man of the woods told us on the way home that this uncle gave him some dead bugs he could keep in his pocket and take home!  Fifteen years younger then me he's the favorite uncle of my boys!

And the baby of the family, Little mother:

By the end of the day we did finally get a few good family shots in:

By the way number 7.5 is the guy in the red shorts and black shirt.  He's been with my parents for about two years now.  The more the merrier is the family motto.

The whole gang with Grammy and Deano.

Us with grandpa B.


  1. I love and miss your family!!!! I am so glad you were all able to get together even if it can't happen as often as everyone would like! I have many great memories with your whole family!!

  2. Oh and Ps. theres a half a grandbaby in there too! Im sure you will all meet it this winter!

    1. Yes, yes, I have a niece or nephew grwoing too. I realized I had forgotten that and then wasn't sure if the world knew or not. Since you know I guess those outside our family know so I'll make sure and change that. I also realized I didn't mention anything about the littles!