Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baking with Laughter

Today my Strong man and young man of the woods are fishing.  They are completely in there element.  So I wanted to make the day a little extra special for my Son of laughter here at home, who is not yet ready for the stream.  We decided to make a cake, something I never do with this boy because it always gets a bit out of control.  Usually big brother is overwhelmed with the chaos little brother is causing and it ends with tears and frustration and then the boys get kicked out of the ktichen.  So this is a pretty special thing to my young son.

Just as we dumped the first of the ingredients in, my phone rang.  I didn't mind if the sugar was mixed a little more, so I chatted.  Besides it's dry, it's sweepable.  Even if he was using it to make foot prints on the table. 
I learned that mixing is hard job requiring many tools.  We used at least three spoons and every measuring cup out.  At one point a spoon was completely baried in the batter.

Did I mention that a hired handy man was here working.  I got called away from baking for a few minutes.

Somehow he took a whole egg out of the cake mix.  This is when I decided that he needed a bath and my kitchen needed cleaning.

This is memory that will last a life time.  A simple everyday thing going way out of whack.

Make me to hear joy and gladness, Let the bones which You have broken rejoice.
~ Psalm 51:8

696.  Baking with my son of laughter.
697.  Not becoming overwhelmed or angery at the mess.
698.  Enjoying my son's pleasure.

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