Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An unexpected retreat

A week ago I received an email from some very dear friends asking us if we'd be willing to animal sit for them.  Of course we were more then willing!  However this was not your normal animal sitting of your friends cat.  This was taking care of 2 dogs, a horse, some chickens, a few pigs, half a dozen cows, and the cat.  We quickly agreed but gave them the disclosure of who knows what there animals will look like when they arrived home. 

Don't be fooled by these pups, they are full of mischief!  At dusk these pups came to the door and one was missing her collar.  The next morning as I watched them play I realized she didn't just loose her collar, but they take each others collars off. 

This is Sarah the horse.  Of the farm animals she was the least favorite of the boys, but I didn't mind.  I spent lots of time talking with her as I fed her.  I think we were friends by the end of the weekend.

This boy loved helping.  Even though he didn't care for Sarah he loved the cows and was more then willing to feed them. 

Of the 17 eggs we collected only two were broken.  Mainly because a one year old loved the chickies and the eggs a little too much.  He couldn't wait for this part of chore time.

My oldest though helped clean the eggs and didn't break a single one. 

I realized just as the first feeding time ended that I really didn't do too much.  I feed Sarah, but mostly took pictures of my three favorite men.  I don't think they minded too much. 

While we took care of these animals my Strong man still had to work, the boys and I went to birthday party for two of our favorite friends, and we still went to church on Sunday morning, but somehow being away from the city noise and taking care of the animals brought us rest.  It was a retreat without truly retreating.  Praise the Lord for the simple things in life.

Three little chicks hatched while we were visiting.

There Momma built a nest in the bird feeder on the deck.  I guess we're not the only ones that find rest here.

We went for walks on the property and did lots of rock hopping. 

I was given stemless flowers full of love.

All in all it was a great weekend!

God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. 
~ Genesis 1:31a

467.  Feeding friends animals
468.  Watching my man of the woods feel purposeful.
469.  Simple meal after busy day.
470.  Brothers wrestling as friends.
471.  Son of laughter enjoys having his teeth brushed.
472.  Boys go to bed well in a new place.
473.  HGTV-Relaxing TV as I wait from my Strong man.
474.  Friends who trusts us with there house and animals.
475.  Beautiful view.
476.  Dog missing a collar--quickly found.
477.  Waking to a beautiful view.
478.  Great weather while visiting.
479.  Wonderful worship service.
480.  Vibrant colors of wildflowers along the walking path.
481.  Flower with no stem picked by my youngest son.
482.  Generosity of friends.
483.  Greeting friends as they arrive home.
484.  Farm life for two days.
485.  Car ride talks with my oldest son.

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  1. Wife you have a gift for capturing moments with your camera and with your words. I love and admire you! Tfsy