Saturday, June 18, 2011

Your third Fathers Day.

My strong man, I was going to have pictures showing what a fantastic Daddy you are, but my computer crashed this morning, so I'm out of luck with the pictures, and extremely grateful to you for allowing me to use your computer for a few hours so that I can write.

This time three years ago our tiny man of the woods screamed night and day.  Neither of us slept and there was no joy in this crazy thing called parenting.  I think at the time it was harder on you then me.  Who would have know that our baby would scream night and day for months?  You sacrificed fishing trips just so that I didn't have to endure the screaming alone.  A very large gift that I still cherish as I think of those days and the days now that you stay home with me to endure beside me.  Praise the Lord we have found the joy in parenting our two small men as we learned how to love them.

You are an amazing Daddy, well loved by these boys and this Momma.  It's the simple daily things that you do.  This year the boys and I made a very simple card for you.  When I asked what should be written on it, even though I suggested the standard, "Happy Fathers Day", our three year old said, "Momma you should write something like, Thank you for tucking me into bed."  A small thing that needs to be done each night before bed is adored by your boys.  As you put them to bed each night you are teaching the boys how to men.  They see the extra time you take for them to laugh, tell stories, sing songs, cuddle and pray with them each night.  These nightly rituals are going to be remembered and copied when they become fathers like you.

Thank you for loving our boys the way you do.  It's beautiful to watch and it's a love I as a Momma could never give them.  You do a great job living out Deuteronomy chapter six to our boys. 

I love you.

Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God.
~ 2 Corinthians 3:5

2.  A husband that prays.
12.  Husband that loves without judgement.
33.  A husband in control when I'm a mess.
74.  Date night.
144.  Strong man doing last minute bed time stuff.
163.  Hubby and I playing with the littles toys while they sleep.
212.  Daddy that takes time for each son.
223.  Hubby that helps just because he loves us.
300.  Husband that makes supper with the boys so I can get housework done without interruption.
446.  Family dinners.
458.  Char's voices.
569.  A strong man to hold me physically and emotionally.
570.  Husband/Daddy that leads us with love.
649.  Little boys giggles as they wrestle with Daddy.
653.  Bedtime cuddles as a family.
656.  Picnic lunches at the park during the lunch hour.
663.  Pizza nights.
674.  Hubby that spends over an hour on the phone trying to get my computer working again.
678.  Man dates with the boys.
679.  Daddy death matches.

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