Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My dearest Dads,

I was sitting in church this past Sunday and while I took part in one of my favorite things, sing songs of praise to the ultimate Father, I couldn't stop thinking about either of you.  I've been trying to post a blog about an unexpected retreat my family had this past weekend, but I decided to put it on hold until I sent you a quick note.  I think maybe I thought so much of you this past Sunday because I used so much of what you both taught me over the weekend.  I stopped and enjoyed the simple, and listened to the birds sing.  I also lived my life on a farm and couldn't stop thinking of the time we were running around the yard trying to catch that bloody chicken that was literally being peeked to death.  You and I were the only ones home and I'm sorry to say I wasn't much help.  I said from that day on I would never own chickens.  Anyway, I'm getting side tracked.

Here's the thing--life, people actually, are messy.  All three of us are messy people.  Having two Dads is not the way God intended the family to function and yet here I am your daughter.  When I think of the three of us I'm am constantly reminded of Romans 8:28, which says, in my own words, that God takes our messiness and uses it for good.  I have found that to be true in my life.  I wouldn't change a thing if I could.  You both molded and shaped me in ways that only a father can.  Thank you for loving me. 

If you look back over my blog you'll notice that I'm making a list of joys in my life.  Here are a few from the past.

489.  A father that enjoys the Small things.
490.  A father that chose me and my family.
491.  You taught me to enjoy the songs of nature.
492.  You taught me to see the beauty of creation.
493.  Fixing cars with the smell of burnt hair.
494.  Learning to enjoy the unique.
495.  I loves yous written in soap.
496.  You taught me to enjoy the simple.
497.  Waking to say hello as you passed my room for bed.
498.  Teaching me to follow my dreams.
499.  Teaching me to fight for what I value.
500.  Many foot rubs.
501.  Learning the importance of hard work.
502.  Loving me for me.
503.  Late night talks.
505.  Understanding each persons values are important.
507.  Pizza money.
508.  Stopping by work just to say hello.
509.  Learning the foolishness of holding a grudge and not talking to each other for long periods at a time.
510.  Strawberry picking.
511.  Taking me hunting even though I couldn't sit still.
512.  Laughing together.
513.  Appreciating food together.
514.  Learning to make beef jerky.
515.  Talking with you as you drive home from work and I lived across the ocean.
516.  Roses on my birthday.
517.  Weekly letters.
518.  Leaves from Maine.
519.  Steak and lots of it.
520.  Loving my three men.
521.  Fishing with my littles-more like feeding worms to the fish.
522.  Baking with the boys & forgetting the raisins.
523.  Wild towers built and destroyed with my little
524.  Uh-oh deer.
525.  Loving me as if I'm your own blood.
526.  Ice cream topped with Bailey's Irish Cream.
618.  Ponytails in Dad's hair.
619.  Acronyms of love from Dad.
And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
~ Romans 8:28

I love you!


  1. And lets not forget ponytails in Dads hair :). What a life of memories little girl, i cherish every one of them and we are working on more!! LYMTL, DAD

  2. Dad,

    Thanks for dropping in. Note the edit to my post: 618. Ponytails in Dads hair. 619. Acronyms of love from Dad. I love you. Drop by any time.