Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fleeting days

My Strong man was trying to clean the drain to the tub yesterday, but once again forgot that he's not human like the rest of us, and over used his giant sized strength, ending in some broken pipes.  Oops! (Actually I love his strength, and usually end up smiling over the broken pieces.)

Today as our plumber has been replacing the pipes the boys and I have been cooling off in the yard.  At one point our handy man stopped and said, "My little boys are 25 and 29.  It seems like just yesterday they were that size.  It's true what they say, they grow up fast."

He's right, I know.  It won't be long before my boys are grown men.  When sticks, bugs and Momma are not on the top of there fun list.

I know someday soon there going to take that leap into life without me by there side.

I know someday I won't be the one receiving the flowers picked by those boy hands.

Until then I'm going to enjoy them and soak in each minute of there boyness; bug bites, bruises, fat lips and all.
Together we will savor the simple pleasures of life.

We'll embrace the messiness too.

I'll join in the fun, even if it's a tight squeeze.

I will do my best to capture the moments.

I will see each day as gift to be cherished.  I am blessed to be called Momma by these two boy men.

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward.
~ Psalm 127:3

716.  Man of the woods excitement over fruit salad.
717.  Little fingers running through my hair at bedtime.
718.  Strangers smiling at my playful boys.
719.  Strong man scrubbing house beside me.
720.  Handpicked rose from my handy Mom.
721.  Little boy kisses begging me to get out of bed in the early morning hours. 

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