Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Closing

Or in this case Charlie's quiz as it's been dubbed since he's put it on for the past nine years.  Officially it's called Maine Bible quiz retreat.  It's a very special time of year for anybody who's ever been apart of the Bible quizzing family.  It's a time of fun, fellowship, reflection, quizzing, and the Word.

It's a little more special to my strong man and I then most.  This is were we first met.  Five years ago I met this man who loves swords, and Scripture.

If you ever spend any time with quizzers then you'll notice straight away that they are unique.  They tick in a different way then most of the world.  This is what makes them so special.

This year I was able to be a mother, coach, and quizzer! 

This was the first time my son of laughter can remember being in the woods and he adored it.  Both him and my oldest loved the lake, rocks, bugs, sticks and of course the dirt. 

They didn't mind all the attention they received from the teens either.  It's funny how much they pick up.  At one point my oldest dropped something on the floor with a gasp.  Then picked it up and started to walk off.  After two steps he turned and said, "I meant to do that."

We involved the boys as much as possible.  Our goal is for them to thirst for Jesus. 

As coach I led devotions each morning.  My main focus was praying with my teen sisters and spending my last quiz weekend just getting to know them deeper.

It became final in my mind that my oldest isn't afraid of large groups of people and loves to be on stage.  He sang, He's still working on me, in the talent show.  Helped his missionary Auntie lead worship.  Sat with his Daddy who was teaching the Word.

This was a bitter sweet weekend for the two of us.  We will no longer be involved in Bible quizzing, at least for a time.  As much as we love the teens, the Word and the memorization of it, we feel it's time for us to close this chapter as God has asked us to move into another one.  All that we are given is a gift.  We need to hold each gift with an open hand.

There is an appointed time for everything.  And there is a time for every event under heaven.
~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

343.  Two boys sleeping well in a new place.
344.  Warm misty day.
345.  Quizzing with my teens.
346.  Score keeping for Char.

347.  Heart talks with missionary sister.
353.  Staying up really late with my boys and then talking and singing at bed time.
354.  Sharing a room for a few nights with my boys.
364.  Sitting & listening to my husband teach the Word.

387.  Good morning hugs from my "daughter" quizzers.
388.  Praying with my teen sisters.
393.  Hearing what God has done in teens lives.
401.  Birds singing.
404.  Joy little boys get from watching bugs and spiders.

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