Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going with the flow

Most Thursdays I pack a change of clothes for each boy and grab a hodge-podge of food from my cabinets as I long for some strong coffee made in only the way my Sister friend brews it.  When we arrive at her house the three big boys spend the day outside, while the two youngest learn how to share with others.  The only girl in the bunch doesn't belong to either of us, but fits in well hangs with us Mommas as we sip our coffee.  That's what most Thursdays look like, but this week called for a change up.

Strong man had the morning off from work as he needs to work into the night so we took the boys to a McDonald's play place a few towns away.  While they played for a hours we sat chatting of life and nothings.  It was good.  We even allowed the boys to have there first ever happy meals.  Did you know that along with the stuff we got as kids they now get apple wedges?  All for $3.39.  What a steal huh?  The morning was relaxed but still filling each of our love tanks to the brim.  It was good.

Just as we arrived home a friend from church called inviting us to spend the afternoon playing at the park.  The two of us have been trying to get together now for almost a year.  Since the sun was shining we said yes please heading straight back out the door.  These few hours were also good.

Now it being to late for naps.  We are all taking a rest time.  One boy in one corner with a snack, drink, puzzles, and books.  Another boy in a tent with his snacks, drink, baby, doctor kit, and books.  And me in my corner with my blog, drink and books.  None of us talking all of us listening to instrumental music.  It is good.

Some days the best thing is to throw schedules to the wind and just let the current take you were it wills.
2287.  Cancellations of the norm.
2288.  Grey mornings for a play place.
2289.  Four love tanks filled up.
2290.  Spontaneous play dates with the sun shining.
2291.  Quiet rest together.

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