Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Kids say the darndest things"

~ Today during a walk in the woods small Laughter fell scraping his knee. When we got into the car he took a good look as his knew and said, "Oh no blood is on my knee and it's all going to come out and I will be dead."...But at our next stop he showed every stranger that would smile at him his banged up knee.

~ When I feel that spring should be here I paint my toes. Every time Laughter sees my toes he gets down flat on the floor says with a excitement, "Oh you have pretty toes Momma!!". Then he wont let me move until he's kissed each one.

~ I asked Laughter to come to me his response was, "I'm too busy." Later he was hiding in hole and when asked to come out he said, "It's too dangerous."

~ It seems lately that any time I put the boys down Man of the woods and I end up in some kind of battle. Instead of a happy time my fist are tight and I say through gritted teeth I love you and he slams his head down on his pillow and I storm out. After this once again happened tonight I went back about five minutes later and told him that I didn't know what the problem was either I wasn't punishing him enough or he just wasn't choosing to obey, but I still loved him. His response was, "Well Mom I think you're just not punishing me enough." So I said "okay tomorrow I'll try to punish you more alright with you?" At which he said, "Okay!" with great smiles...Never thought I'd have a conversation like that one.

~ A friend just had a baby. The boys have watched her belly grow and today saw pictures of her holding him. Laughter said to me, "When you are little you will be in my belly." I said, "I will?" To which he responded, "Yes, you say tanks."

~ Strong man trying to teach Man of the woods said, "Should you throw your pants when I tell you no?
SM: Should you trow anything when I tell you no?
SM: Should you be angry when I say no?
MOW: Yes...

~ As I was walking through the kitchen I heard, "Stop lemonade stop" I turned just in time to be tackled by laughter who thought it hilarious to call me lemonade

~ Every nap wake up goes like this: I rub Man of the woods back and tell him it's time to wake up. He's a grump and needs space when he wakes up so I leave him alone and crawl into Laughter's bed and tell him it's time to wake up. He likes to be cuddled first thing. Then he says, "I wake brother up? Brother wake up. He no hear from here. I get on the floor and he still no hear me. I climb up and say Brother time to wake up and then he hear me!"

~Laughter fell hurting his bum and said, "You kiss my butt to make it better?"

~ Man of the woods singing in the car, "I know God loves me. I know God loves me. I know God loves me. The Bible tells me so. I love my Dad. I love my Mom. I love Laughter. I love God."

~ Laughter wanting to read his own fortune cookie said, "I have sharp teeth to eat you with." gave him mine so he could "read" that one too. It said with great excitement, "You have sharp teeth just like me!!" The next one he read, "It says, Aaaameeennn!"

~ Man of the woods: Is coconut the right word?
Me: The right word for what, Bud?
MOW: Is coconut the right word for coconuts?
Me: Yes it is...Crazy kid!

~ I was out one day last week so Strong man was doing some of the normal Mommy stuff. Man of the woods asked him why he was doing my job. After Strong Man explained he was trying to be helpful Man of the woods responded with are you going to blog too?

~ As I was setting the table last night. Laughter saw that we were having pickled beets and with much glee he said, "Oh I wobe beets! I wobe them!"

~ Laughter hiding under a blanket want to be found said, "Who under here?" As I picked up the blanket I'd hear, "I is!!" with much giggling.

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