Friday, May 25, 2012

Truth is ugly

Yesterday's post has not sat well with me.  Not because I miss spoke, but because the darkness I spoke of is repulsive.  I know that people watch me, doesn't everybody watch everybody?  It's just what we humans do.  We know we are being watched and this is why we do our best to hide the ugly; to control what others know us to be.  Why do we hide as if we're the only ones who have blemishes?

I heard Henry Cloud speak once.  He talked about a study done on Monkeys.  When a monkey's cage began to shake with lights flashing and noise all around, its stress level went off the charts.  However, when two monkeys were in a cage and the same experience would happen the stress level would be cut in half.  If monkey's need each other in stressful situations, and we are even more socialist by nature then they are, don't we too need each other?  I ask again why do we cover our ugliness?

I was once again in the presence of Death. This time not in the hospital room, but in the memory of one's last breath and the hurt of a soul I am knit with.  I realized as I drove by the grave that my ugliness could be some other hurting soul's hope.  Could the saying--one mans junk is another mans treasure--be true of our emotions as well as our possessions?

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.
~ Romans 12:15
2239.  My darkness to mold me.
2240.  Understanding of an unknown pain.
2241.  Ability to both weep & rejoice.
2242.  Ability to once again feel emotions.
2243.  My junk is another's treasure.
2244.  The soul I am knit to.
2245.  A husband that loves those I love.
2246.  To watch the love of many.-"The greatest of these is love"
2247.  Old back roads to calm the soul.
2248.  Nature to scream of a Creators love.-Tree's overflowing with green, purple flowers, pastures, sunsets, butterflies, calm lakes, & ducks.
2249.  Prayer-Many standing before the throne for the one my soul is knit to & myself.
2250.  Unexpected call of agreement.
2251.  Those who have walked this path ahead of me.-Words of encouragement.

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