Saturday, May 12, 2012


There is something about packing the boys and all of our stuff into the car, taking the two hour drive back to my childhood town.  The mountains, windy roads and calm simply calls to me.

To remember the sapling I was...

To watch my boys play.

To watch the wonder the small ones have in exploring all that God has made.

To catch up with "the kids" (my closest brother four years younger then me), and to watch the children (the four my parents still have in there house) interact with mine.

To share with my own children the joys of sand pits, driving through mud puddles without any doors, and any other back woods fun we find to do.

2150.  catching up with family and friends of long ago.
2151.  hanging with with Deano.
2152.  Sand pits.
2153.  "Mule" rides.
2154.  Young aunts and uncles to play with.
2155.  Little treasures Grammy let's me bring home.
2156.  laid back conversations.
2157.  Ice cream dates.

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