Thursday, May 3, 2012

First steps...

In the last two weeks every few days I hear of a girl taking the first step in saving herself for her prince charming.  Some feed back I've received:

This retreat has changed my life already, I'm so glad I was able to come. The Lord has really blessed me in putting you and Strong man in my life.

Dear Shandy,
Thanks for sharing your story and everything you guys did for us this weekend. Everything you told and shared with us made me understand and realize some things. Thank you so much.

Dear Shandy & Military wife,
This weekend was amazing! God has been doing great work in our family for many months. I thank God for leading us to the church family He planned for us. There are so many things I feel the Lord is calling us too and look forward to making Him proud!

Thank you for this weekend. I had an amazing time and I learned a lot from you both. Thanks

Dear Shandy,
Thank you for helping me understand more about this. I feel I have more to live for.

Some have returned some not so modest clothing and begun looking at there wardrobe with a new perspective. Some have had guys tell them how uncool the purity ring is, only to respond with, well to sum it up-get lost! (that's my kind of girl!). Others have learned of an unending Love that they didn't understand before. While some of the mothers too were challenged and encouraged.

First steps are hard, but good--even necessary. I'm incredibly proud of these girls for the life choices they are making now. The reward will be beautiful!

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