Friday, May 4, 2012

They prayed me through...

Meet my Nana and grandpa (Well grandpa's a bit further down, but you'll see him soon enough).

They have this cute little trailer that just happens to have a guest "wing," no really there are two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a living room that every night we closed off just for us.

They only time Laughter would cuddle with Nana was when he was stark naked not wanting to get dressed.

I had planned to keep the evening quiet with early bedtimes, but the boys were so relaxed (aside from dinner time) that 8:30 became there bedtime.  Each night I told the boys as I tucked them into bed that I was going to go say goodnight and to bed myself.  In reality we all stayed up way too late talking of childhood, what God has done and is doing in our lives, and the ways we enjoy being used by Him.  Sleep I did not get, but sweet rest and fellowship I did.

These two, grandparents of mine, saw the importance of praying especially for me.  For as long as I have known them they have prayed each day for me.  There were times in my life that looking back if it had not been for the prayers of those around me I'm not quite sure what would have happened to me.

Ice skating...
When I began to question certain theologies that I was raised in they lovingly answered all my questions, never pushing me to follow there beliefs, but allowing me to come to my own conclusions.  The never talked against those they didn't believe either.  They simply loved me through my spiritual growth.

God gave them great discernment through my teenage years.  They saw the disaster I was heading towards and knew exactly how to pray for me.  Once again standing back and letting me work out my own salvation.

We played uno at least once everyday. 
Laughter forgot he was a boy becoming a Tasmanian devil each time the game came out.
It was good to catch up with them.  To share personally how God has grown me and saved me from my own short comings.  We reflected on many things, as Moses says in Deuteronomy it is good to remember all that the Lord has done for us.

2127.  Having a place of rest each night.
2128.  Watching my boys get to know those I hold dear to my heart.
2129.  Hearing there side of my childhood years.
2130.  Talking through life with them.
2131.  Them listening as I recount all the ways God has grown me and my boys as I've begun this new chapter of life with Bi-polar as my new companion.
2132.  Hearing all that God is doing and has done in there lives.
2133.  Knowing that they will continue to pray for me and mine.
3134.  Games of Uno.
3135.  There understanding; allowing my boys to be small children.
3136.  Many laughs.
3137.  Good foods; Grandpa and I both a meat and potatoes people.

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