Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bar harbor trip 1 of 2012, EFA 2.8

With Spring actually springing here in Good ol' Maine our family day called us out into the beautiful nature.
The famous lobster from our favorite ice cream shop.
Every year as soon as we've had two nice days in a row I get the splendid idea of heading down to the cost.  It is always, always freezing.  We end up under dressed, spending most of our time in the shops and passing on the ice cream comes, but not this year!  Ringing in at a whopping 80 degrees, it was perfect.
The boys hugging the fence.  I have no idea why, but it brought great joy to them.

Notice the hat - Raven lunatic!  I'd say it fits nicely.
Many rocks thrown.

Laughter's favorite part of the day-sitting on the cannons.

A little tree climbing.

A day well spent.  May we all sleep deep and enjoy our sun kissed checks.

1916.  Summer weather.
1917.  A great car ride with my men.
1918.  The "boat store"-LL Beans.
1919.  Rocks to throw in the ocean.
1920.  Cold water on my toes.
1921.  Sun kissed skin.
1922.  Rock climbing with Man of the woods.
1923.  How much he's grown since this time last year, taking courage to try difficult things.
1924.  Laughter's laugh that sings into the air.
1925.  Lobster claws that amuse the boys.
1926.  Finding treasures in the sand.
1927.  Picnic lunches.
1928.  Trees to climb.
1929.  Island to admire.
1930.  Cannons for little boys to imagine with.
1931.  Momma doing cartwheels.
1932.  Walking backwards with the hoolies.
1933.  Grass between my toes.
1934.  Sleepy boys in the car.
1935.  Popcorn, apple pie, & no bake cookies with Leap Frog.
1936.  Aloe gel to fall asleep too.

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