Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow, it brings us together. EFA 2.7

As I left the gym I knew we were in for some snow.  When there's hardly any snow around and yet the town is moving snow in anticipation of the coming storm, you know it's going to be a storm.

Strong man's meetings had been cancelled, leaving him with only a half days worth of work.  To our pleasure we ran errands, had lunch while the boys and I planned an evening of simple family fun. 

In the afternoon we made some brownies, Laughter's favorite.  After dinner as a family we baked some snicker doodles that came out looking more like Russian tea cakes. For dinner tonight it was pigs in a blanket, strawberries, & cantaloupe.  I let the boys chose the dinner sides.

I love excuses to make our time together extra special.

1809.  Shopping for goodies with the kidlets.
1810.  The quiet snow brings.
1811.  The pure looking earth of a snowstorm.
1812.  Little man cuddles.
1813.  Big man cuddles.
1814.  Unexpected celebration of family.
1815.  Pigs in a blanket.
1816.  Simple meals made special.
1817.  The coziness baking scents bring.
1818.  Warm cookies.
1819.  Laughter's sense of humor.
1820.  Man of the woods taste for mustard and mayo.
1821.  Strong man getting extra time at home.

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