Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter traditions.

When we married we knew Easter with an Easter bunny most likely wasn't going to happen in our house.  It was confirmed when Man of the woods was asked at the age of two if he was going to get a basket from the Easter Bunny?  Having never talked with him about the Easter Bunny I silently waited for his response, "The Easter Bunny is just a game, he's not real."  Well that settled it if he at the age of two instinctively knew there was no such thing as the Easter Bunny then we weren't going to have one. 

The only problem with this is that I love Easter and it has become our family's private holiday.  We share Thanksgiving with my parents and Christmas with his parents, but Easter is all ours.  So what should we do to celebrate?  the other thing I madly passionate about is making Easter as big a deal as Christmas since they go hand in hand.  What good is the birth of the Christ child if we don't celebrate the resurrection as well?

So each year we make it our own a bit more, by starting our own traditions.  Last year we started two.  1.  We added the Easter egg hunt in, by using the resurrection eggs.  These eggs don't hold candy they hold a little bit of the story of Jesus' death and resurrection.  When the game of finding is over the story begins and last year was repeated at least three times in a row.  The second tradition we began last year was that we spent in in a hotel.  As I said before this holiday is ours and ours alone so we hit the road found a great hotel and spent the weekend swimming, cuddling, and just being us without the daily routine.  It was good. (Although this year April is a busy month with us spend a little over a week apart so we're saving the hotel experience for the day we're reunited.)

It's been fun watching the holiday become our own.  Looking forward to this year and teaching the boys about the One who loves them most.

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