Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day

What has today become a holiday where we are able to pinch people who are not honoring green and having good reason to drink ourselves drunk did not start that way.  Most people know that St. Patrick was a missionary to Ireland.  A little less known is that he was a Roman kidnapped and enslaved by Irish invaders where he spent the next 6 years of his life.  As the story goes he had a dream telling him his escape ship was ready and waiting.  So he returned back to England where he again was enslave for a short time and then reunited with his family.  After becoming a bishop he again had another dream in which he was called to go back to Ireland where he shared the truth of Jesus the son of God...The tradition of the shamrock comes from his explanation of the trinity; three separate persons in one.  It is also the official flower of Ireland.

The drink we'll avoid and the fun with green we shall continue, but along with that I am always up for teaching my boys about people who loved the Creator to the extreme of sacrificing home, and comfort because of there overwhelming burden for others to know the truth.

So today as we baked I told the story of Saint Patrick and his love.  Let the celebration continue.

1874.  Experimental green whoopie pies.
1875.  Forgetting to add the full amount of sugar and yet somehow they still turned out delish.
1876.  Fluff.
1877.  Making yummy frosting with Strong man while the boys sleep.
1878.  Examples of deep love for God through the saints of past.
1879.  Simple holidays to teach.
1880.  Strong man buying me a new mixer just because he wanted to replace my barely working old one; just to surprise me.
1881.  Getting an extra hour with strong man just so we could have more family time, even though Strong man is behind at his desk.
1882.  Great weather.

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