Friday, March 30, 2012

End of the week.

I've been kind of quiet this week. Laying low and hanging with the hoolies while the snow has silently been falling, but there are some highlights.

Last weekend I went to wonderful Bar Harbor for the weekend. Every year I pack up all my scrapping supplies, and print hundreds of photos (around 750 this year) to spend the weekend on the water front scrapping with about 100 other ladies. This year my core group of 4 ladies and I plus our newest addition all roomed together. We got hardly any sleep ate Chinese food, talked like school girls late into the night and spent time telling each other about our beautiful babies as we scrapped. It only happens once a year and it is always good.

The boys they played hard with Daddy, doing man things such as this:

On Wednesday it began to snow. Hard to believe that just a week ago we were dipping out toes into the Atlantic on and 84 degree day. But even though the skies were gray our world was full of anticipation and excitement as our dear friends welcomed there son into the world. I even had the privilege to hold him just hours old. Let me tell you perfection! He is the most perfect baby I have seen in at least two years! =)

To end the week Strong man and I sent the kidlets to Nana's and we went on a date.  We both ate like birds all day so that we could splurge on dinner.  To follow it up we went on our once a year movie date thanks to a saved Christmas gift...A good week, with a good ending.

1937.  A weekend away with the ladies.
1938.  Once the lights are turned out talking late into the night just like school girls.
1939.  Chinese, movies, and scrapping in our room.
1940.  A cozy room all snug with five ladies that sometimes only cross paths this one time a year.
1941.  Memories through pictures.
1942.  Getting to know each other through pictures.
1943.  Fruit, granola and yogurt a simply wonderful breakfast.
1944.  Uninterrupted meals.
1945.  Living for a weekend on my time not a child's time frame.
1946.  Reuniting with the hoolies.  Lots of cuddles and much love.
1947.  Naps with the boys.
1948.  A friend giving me time to work on the conference without the boys.
1949.  Butterscotch brownies.
1950.  A comical day of mis-haps-That last roll of tp being completely soaked, being peed on, and such things like that
1951.  The stress of needing more beds.
1952.  Sisters to barrow clothes from.
1953.  Nana and Grandpa to love on the boys while we date.
1954.  A good date with the hubster.
1955.  Spring snow.
1956.  Watching friends fall in love with there perfect baby boy.
1957.  New life.
1958.  Holding Mr. Perfection just hours old, my heart is still melting.
1959.  Wondering at God's divine creation.
1960.  Spending hours in a book store kidless.
1961.  My jeweler lending me a tool because we have a good relationship with each other.
1962.  Consequences bring us closer to grace.

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