Monday, March 5, 2012

Misty Monday

Okay it's not really misting outside, well it's misting snow.  I'm not really sure that's possible, but here in this little part of the world we'll say it is.  You know the sun is shining yet there's still snow coming down.  It's quite beautiful, even the sound of traffic passing by sound restful.  Everything is just moving slow.  And so are we.  Sunday's are our busiest days around here.  Yesterday even more so with a family lunch thrown in.  So on Mondays we rarely go out.  They've become mostly pajama days where I get some weekly chores done while the boys play. 

This Monday by 8 o'clock the boys, who had been up since 5:30, were asking for a snack and begging for more board games.  So we shall pour some hot tea and play away, while praying for my sanity as Laughter plays with us.  He after all plows through life as a whirlwind blows through nature.

Happy Monday to you all!

1822.  Breakfast sandwiches made by my Strong.
1823.  Being pushed to go to the gym.
1824.  Happy boys playing in there room together as friends.

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