Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My dear friend Sun!

Aahhh warm sun it's good to see you again!

It's begun.  The dreaming and longing for you.  (Photo's for years past)

Yesterday the boys and I couldn't stand to be inside so we spent the afternoon at the park.

After many "unda dog's" on the swings, big brother decided it was his turn to push little brother.  It was refreshing for my soul to watch!

I tried to convince them to actually play on the playground equipment, but they insisted on turning a picnic table in the sea fairing ship just like we had done many times last summer.

A few races around the trees, and then off to find the biggest, deepest puddle in all the park!  Lucky for them a friend called that I don't get to talk to very often.  While I chatted away they splashed, and swam in through the puddles.

Well friend Sun we look forward to many, many more days full of your warmth!

1851.  Sunny days perfect for the park.
1852.  Big brother pushing little brother on the swings.
1853.  Picnic tables turned into ships of the sea.
1854.  Memories of summers past brought back to life.
1855.  Boys racing around trees.
1856.  Puddles to play in.
1857.  Mud spots dried onto small boy faces.
1858.  Fresh air to laugh in.
1859.  A call from a friend just to say keep up the good work.
1860.  Daddy offering to make dinner so we could continue our play at the park.
1861.  Aroma of dinner as we walked through the door.
1862.  Stripping wet muddy clothes at the door.

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