Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Since just after Thanksgiving weekend we have each day sat down to read a bible story leading up to the birth of Christ.  The boys loved it.  I loved it.  It helped up the excitement for Christmas day.  Some things didn't go as planned but the only one I'm kind of sad about is that we never got to put the star on our Advent tree. On the upside there are many more Advent trees to come.  I will deffenately do it again.

I couldn't think of a better way to share our celebration then with my thankyou list.

1373.  Board games with many people to play with Man of the woods.
1374.  Not just fun games, but great teaching games too.

1375.  Nana loves.
1376.  Many hands & hearts to love on the boys over the weekend as I struggled with severe dizziness.

1377.  Big Christmas breakfast; starting the day in fellowhip.
1378.  His and her coffee cups.
1379.  Laughter enjoying tea with marshmallows to begin his day, or at least it sat in front of his plate.
1380.  Fresh fruit to nibble on all day long.

1381.  Little boys begging to share a bed.
1382.  Laughter wanting his own bed after falling out.
1383.  Favorite toys to cuddle with.
1384.  Writer sister getting her wish of sharing Christmas night with them.

1385.  Many laughs.
1386.  Conversation around the table long after food has been put away.

1387.  Gifts of love that are not in the least bit practical. (Strong man's favorite kind.)
1388.  Practical gifts. (My favorite kind)

1389.  An open fire place.
1390.  The crackles of burning wood.
1391.  Hot apple cider.

1392.  Out of state family to play with.
1393.  Coffee dates full of heart conversations.

1394.  Daddy loves.
1395.  Sneaking away to have time with my best friend and soggy snacks.

1396.  Irreplacable gifts of love.

1397.  Epic - Family jokes.
1398.  The whole family sitting around the living room watching movies together.

1398.  Hats of all kinds.

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