Sunday, December 18, 2011

Surprise! He's 30!

Our whole marriage I have teased him that when this year came I would have a black party for him.  Well my Seamstress sister one upped me to my delight.  She threw a funeral for him.

Everybody wore black.

I received sympathy cards.

He was shocked! 

Can you see the cake is a grave yard?...And He suggested that since we never fed each other cake at our wedding that now would be an opportune time for that.

I reminded him and everyone else that there was a reason we never fed each other cake...I HATE being sticky.

Since strong man thought we were going on a date, he left the car running for the entire time we were at the party.

They did end up sending us on a hot date...TFA!

By the way Dearie Pooh it's all good.  I did some research and you're covered:
Now if a man loses the hair of his head, he is bald; he is clean.
~ Leviticus 13:40

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