Monday, June 18, 2012

Light therapy

Meet my SAD light:

Sphere Gadget Technologies SP9882 Lightphoria Sad Light Therapy, 10,000 Lux

She's itty-bitty and is made for those who have seasonal affective disorder.  She also helps those of us who live with Manic-depressive disorder.  Her purpose is to produce serotonin something my brain doesn't naturally produce enough of.  That is why I spent nine months trying to find a medication that would make my brain produce this chemical without bad side effects.  In January, month 10, we finally found two medications that in combination balanced my brain chemicals out so I could live a life with the same degree of emotions that the rest of the world lives on.  The down side is that one of these medications cause me to gain crazy amounts of weight.  I now weigh as much as I did in my ninth moth of pregnancy.  Only this time I am not carrying a baby and put it on in less then 6 months.

As I am not a fan of medications, I have decided to give light therapy a chance.  So far so good!  My energy levels are well balanced on the days I sit with my light.  It's a pretty simple process, I sit with the light facing my chest for thirty minutes.  I'm not yet sure of the help it's balancing my moods, but my doctor has given me the okay to begin the weening process of the "fat pills".  Time will tell.

Any of my friends that fight manic depressive illness the SAD light doesn't cost much and I already love it.  I'll give it more time and a better review later, but even after a week I recommend at least looking into one.  Really the only requirement is that it's 10,000 LUX.

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