Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bit by bit...


Bi-polar a guest that out stays his welcome. Or maybe this: Bi-polar the child that lives-in-my-basement-at-the-age-of-33-with-intentions-of-out-living-me. Or this: Bi-polar the festering-thorn-in-my-side-that-will-not-come-out-even-with-tweezers...As much as I dislike this sickness I have come to the realization that it's hear to stay. I've thought about naming my unwanted storm like they do hurricanes, but then I wonder if maybe the Doc will worry a bit more about my insanity.

As I've searched for answers I've found some very helpful tips along the way. As always I will share them here. Along with medication I've begun to make some lifestyle changes. (If you too have Bi-polar remember the number one key to handling this sickness is to strive for balance. Take these ideas and slowly bring them into your life. I've been living out points 3 & four for years even before I knew I had bi-polar, a few months about I added in point 5. then three weeks ago I began points two and three. Balance is the key.) I hope these ideas are of some help.

1. Get rid of Coffee not just caffeine, but there is something in the coffee bean itself that plays with the brains chemical balance. Since chemical balance is what Bi-polar is call about get rid of the coffee. (Hence the name Bi-polar. The brain goes between the polars of the emotional scale.)...I've been clean for three weeks now!

2. Exercise. With all the snow and cold that Maine brings I have become a member of the local gym. Each morning or at least every other I head out to the gym early in the morning. Let me tell you, it is so good! Most days I'm a bit resentful as I crawl out of my warm bed and get into my icy cold car, but by the time I leave I'm like a brand new person. It is really good for me.

3. Be spiritual. Yep you got stop putting off the idea that God is some far off being or fairy tale, but get on board and watch Him transform your life. He loves you, He created you just the way you are. There are some really cool things God can do with a person with bi-polar. Actually some of the most successful people suffer from this sickness. I'm not just saying you should turn to God because I believe that we were created to worship the Maker of the heavens and earth, I'm saying it because it's what studies have shown to work. If you want to know more about how to have a relationship with God click here.

4. Along with point three. Spending time in meditation and prayer. Time alone. Time reading the Bible all of these things have been proven to help balance the mind of one suffering with Bi-polar.

5. Find a creative outlet. Did you know that people with Bi-polar tend to be very creative people? So find something that relaxes you. For me it's my blog, for others it's painting, whatever works find it and do it.

6. Eat healthy. Did you know that when you're not eating healthy there are a lot of vitamin deficiency's that can mimic the symptoms of Bi-polar. One of those being calcium. Crazy huh? If there are deficiency's that mimic it can you imagine what it would be like to both suffer from a deficiency as well as bi-polar?

7. Sleep. Balance is everything right? Well we tend to go through cycles where we can't get enough sleep and other times where 4 hours is plenty. I know I've been there. Find a rhythm and stick to it.

8. Reading is great for the brain, just like the body needs stimulation so does the brain. Work it out. It gives you purpose even on the days when you can do nothing. It at least gets your mind off of the darkness that fights to invade.

9. Be honest with yourself and those around you. Honesty helps keep those lies away. When you're honest you can't be guessing what somebody else is thinking. I often compare bi-polar to a war. It's a battle over keeping my mind sane. Honesty is one of the best weapons against the darkness that tries to take over.

10. Do your best to maintain a peaceful home. Along with point nine keep the family in the loop. They too are suffering just like you. But if you aren't honest with them then they are going to feel like they are always walking on eggshells and there is no safety with you which will only push you and them apart leading to a stressful home.

11. Let somebody else run the family finances. This was a hard one for me to let go. But about 8 weeks ago I gave in and asked my husband to take the budget over. I realized that I wasn't necessarily buying big but I was buying. I would buy whatever I saw and realized if I kept up I'd soon have us in debt.

12. Live by a schedule. A schedule will show let you see if your life is balanced. You don't want to go too far either way so write it down.

13. Most of all remember you are human. Even if you didn't suffer from this sickness you would still make mistakes and you'd still have to find balance. Giving yourself grace is huge! Without Grace even a sane person would end up in the pit of despair.

14. Be careful what you watch on television. Hollywood is great at grabbing our emotions and running wild with them. Bi-polar runs away with them enough why allow somebody else if it can set you off on a spiraling downfall into depression? Guard you emotions tightly.
15.  Spend time in the sun.

Please leave any suggestions or comments that I could add to my list and my personal life. I want to fight this battle well. I intend on winning it.


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