Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The new meds work!

Do you remember this post from last summer?  The one where I cursed at the door?  Well today could have been one of those days, but instead bad things went down with a shrug of the shoulders and a good chuckle.

It all started with one of those UPS notes giving them permission to leave a package on my doorstep.  The deed took only seconds that is until I went to open the door.  I had forgotten that it automatically locks.  Good times.  When banging on the door didn't help I went to plan B.  I headed over the office building next door walking in with only my socks on begging to use the phone.  I called strong man twice but he was in a meeting.  So I called the church Secretary but she too was in a meeting.  So I called my Handy Mom and she went to the church interrupting the meeting and then back here with the keys.  Once I knew somebody was coming to my rescue my next concern was the boys who were unattended in the apartment.  I knew they had been looking out our living room windows waiting for some friends to come and play, so I stood on the cement sidewalk, in the rain, in my socks where they could see me. I did this for at least 30 minutes with at least 6 people walking by me saying hello to the crazy lady in socks.  The hoolies never even missed me.  Man of the woods found his Daddy's ipod and was sitting on the throne playing games while doing business.  Laughter found coloring on himself quite amusing.  All in all it was a forty minute ordeal.  And now it's a good story.

Back to the medication working out for me.  When things get stressful I get calm.  That was me before the Darkness began.  Just after we were married, before my mind crashed into depression, there was a massive blizzard.  It was the year that our 6 foot high fences were buried in snow.  Anyway, the whole state was closed so Strong man and I decided it would be fun to go 2 miles down the road in our four wheel drive to hang with his family, in our pajamas no less.  As soon as I shut the locked door Strong man asked me for the keys.  It was one of those I thought, he thought; we were keyless.  In the blizzard we broke into our house.  He was of the mind that if life hands you lemons throw them back.  I was more along the lines of making me some lemonade. 

Turning lemons into lemonade is how I have always worked, that is until the Darkness began to take over.  Today's dilemma was a gift.  I'm healing.  Life is good.  God is good.

1864.  Life; a test of my mental strength.
1865.  Seeing the joy in cold toes and quiet rainy days.
1866.  Strangers to greet.
1867.  Content hoolies.
1868.  Office clerks lending the phone.
1869.  Handy Mom willing to help.
1870.  Strong man saddened he wasn't able to help. 
1871.  Friends to come visit.
1872.  Car rides with simple conversation.
1873.  Mysterious Job of the Bible.
1874.  Helper of men friend to work out the meaning of the Word together.
1875.  Warm tea.
1876.  The smell of hot coffee.

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  1. Yay shand!! I am so happy for you!! I love you and I miss you!!