Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Two times over the Christmas weekend I saw grace given.

Grace #1:  I dropped my camera, breaking it.  This would be the second this year.  As I've changed my meds. I have had a tendency to let thing slip through my fingers.  But strong man suggested I replace it, not just replace it but upgrade.  So I have an upgrade that will never go fishing with me and has a neck strap as a protection against my butter fingers.

Grace #2, the greatest of the two shown:  Laughter running and playing with his brother, tripped and fell into a table.  Slicing just beside his eye.  There was a big debate about taking him to the ER for stitches, but we decided he was young and would heal fine.  Praise God for the protection of his eye.

1371.  Almost REALLY bad cuts.
1372.  Grace from the hubster when I've broken 2 cameras in 1 year.

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