Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Words of Laughter, fall 2011

~Me: "No you can't go outside in just your underwear and shirt. It's November."

~ Laughter crawled into bed with me early one morning, snuggled close, gave me a big ol' smooch on the check and then said, "Wobe you" as he patted my face.

~ At super tonight Laughter decided he didn't want the seeds in his much loved pickles. Brother (who won't even look at a pickle) told him that, "Somebody had told him that pickle seeds are really good for your muscles."

~As I'm growing my hair out I've been using a barret, Laughter gets excited with, "Momma hair flap."

~ When I use the tone of, I am not even close to playing around. You better obey, Laughter uses and, "Oh!" with the tone of WOW that's a brand new concept maybe I should try it.

~ Any time something happens that wasn't in plan, Laughter says, "Oop, oop."

~ Can you guess Laughter's favorite book? As he plays through out the day this is what I hear, "Sam I am, Sam I am, I am Sam..."

~ For the first time ever Laughter was the finder in the game Hide and Seek. It went something like this, "One, three, four, ready not" Followed by squeals of glee as he ran looking for us.

~ When wanting applesauce Laughter asks for, "apple soup".

~ Laughter asking for more pancakes had piled his sausage links on the pancakes he already had on his plate. When we asked what he was doing he said, "Hide. More."

~ Laughter told me today that bubbles feel good on his head, but not fish.

~ "Laughter, bacon is not a weapon. It's something we eat. Stop using it as a sword."

~ Laughter was working hard to "safely" carry the eggs from the barn to the house. Every time I'd offer to help him he reply with, "No man, man."

Quotes from September 2011 to December 2011

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