Friday, January 20, 2012

Part 3: secrets revealed accepted with Grace

For part 1:  Secrets filled with Grace
For part 2:  Courtship of Grace.

Now just before we said our first "I love you's" I knew that he needed to know of the dreaded, wished it had never happened, relationship.  You know Part 1 of this Grace series. 

So there we were I had spent weeks talking with the LORD about this guy.  I knew it was time to tell him of that past relationship being the most hurtful of all.  We sat across from each other at a little soft serve in my home town.  By the time the ice cream was finished I hadn't told.  What was this Strong man of God going to think of me.  I knew could forgave and lavished grace onto me, but I couldn't imagine any man ever doing such a thing.  Then he had dropped me off back home, still nothing but chatter left my lips.  Even still on his 2 hour car ride back to his place nothing.

A week or so later he took me to visit his Grampy.  He adored this praying man.  It was a great day.  I had realized that it wasn't fair to him to think that I'm this amazing women of God when I had all that hidden sin in the past.  So I told him.  All of it. 

I think his exact response was, "That's okay, but really?  I can't imagine you doing any of that stuff.  Wow God has really changed you."  Sweet honey to my ears, grace.

He did go home and cry.  He morned the loss of his expectation but even more he morned the hurt I went through.  The selfish leading I had followed. 

That brings us back to the "I love you's"...

1572.  Strong mans forgiveness
1573.  Strong mans grace.
1574.  God's blessing.
1575.  Eyes wide open.

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