Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Man of the wood's quotes, fall 2011:

~ Man of the the woods quoting Grampy B from BOZ, "hmm, let I look at that."

~ Man of the woods: "We have the king of the bad tigers locked up so you might see the other bad tigers coming to get him, but not until January, or thanksgiving, so it might be a long time."

~ Man of the wood’s new saying is, "That's awesome stinky good!!"

~ As my man of the woods stood on the arm of the couch ready to belly flop onto the cushions I asked, "How does Mommy feel about you doing that?" With a head shake and a sad tone, "Not good."

~ Man of the woods decided it would be fun to make water run through the toilet paper tube with a full roll left on it...Good times.

~ Man of the woods calling from the bathroom for my help because he had peed on the toilet seat and floor. I asked how that happened and he said, "I peed with one foot on the toilet seat." (As I turned away from him I rolled my eyes with a sigh thinking, geesh boys!)

~ Man of the woods has turned his far away Missionary Auntie into an imaginary friend. When he doesn't want to play with Laughter he'll tell us that Auntie wants some just Man of the woods time. As I nicely remind him that if Auntie really were here she would love to play with BOTH boys. To which he responds with, "She's tired and only wants to play with me right now."

~ Watching Veggie tales Man of the woods said, "If I lived in Veggie tale land I would fight the bad guys with my two swords."

~ Last night Man of the woods woke up during the power outage saying, "My eyes are broken, my eyes are broken." The poor guy didn't realize it was just a power outage.

~ WARNING POTTY TALK: At dinner the other night Man of the woods let one rip. Me, not to impressed looked at him waiting for the appropriate "excuse me" to follow. Instead I got in between laughter, "Mommy do you know what I call those big ones? Farts!! (now in fits of laughter) And do you know what I called the quiet ones? Toots!!" (Now I'm wondering if he's going to fall on the floor with all the laughter rolling out of him.)

~ After having two helpings of supper, and finishing off both mine and Laughter's plates Man of the woods looked around and asked, "Can I have more food?"

~ When our house mates asked Man of the Woods how he slept he told them, "Denis, my doll, woke up before me and I told him he had to go back to sleep. It was to early to wake up."
~ My three year old, "Momma when you make your banana bread it's like and extra gift just for me!"

~ I had just sent my Man of the woods in to go potty before bedtime and as I walked into the bathroom I heard the toilet flush and saw my sons head deep in the toilet saying, "Good-by pee." I was slightly horrified.

~ I was given the gift of sleep by my three men. Daddy made pancakes for breakfast. As he was pouring the maple syrup on Laughter's food Man of the woods said, "Daddy don't put too much on." Daddy asked, "Son why would you tell me that?" The response was, "Well Mommy's not here to do it."

~ Man of the woods was being fickle so Daddy told him that only girls can change there minds.
Man of the woods: "That's not true."
Daddy: "How do you know that?"
MOW: "The Bible tells me."
Daddy: "Oh really, where?"
MOW: "On a different page."

~ When little brother peed on the potty big brother exclaimed, "Praise the Lord!!"

~ After warning the boys to watch were they walk and not trip over some wires my Man of the Woods tripped flying through the air as if he was sliding into home during the last inning of the ball game. Doing all I could not to laugh I picked him up wiped him off and repeated my warning to be careful not of the wire. I stand up turn around and hear another crash. Laughter, who had watched his brother fall and heard my cautions, did the same exact thing on with 1/2 dozen eggs in the bucket breaking all but one.

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