Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What does one do with two little boys the week one is moving?

Make SLIME.  A super easy project that has a short life, but keeps the hoolies occupied for hours.  This means I have time to pack boxes.

Here's how it's made:
In one bowl mix:
4 oz Elmer's glue
1 cup warm water
food coloring.  I thought green was fitting.

In another bowl mix:
2 tsp Borax
1/3 cup water

Add by tsp the Borax mixture until you get the texture you desire.  The more you add the stiffer it gets so go slow.

Then play and store in two half pint jars to play again later.  (Ignore the tooting sounds followed by lots of boy laughter.)

1649.  Found money I thought was packed.
1650.  Free boxes.
1651.  Friends to help pack.
1652.  Friends to play with the boys.
1653.  Easy recipes.
1654.  Slime fun.
1655.  Hours of play time and packing.


  1. Did I miss a post? You guys are moving again? I thought you'd just moved? Good luck with the packing! Hope it goes smoothly for you!

  2. Thanks Autie! Yes we are moving again. We did just move about five months ago. No you didn't miss a post it's in the works. It's a good thing and is happening really quickly, so I'm a little busy. Thanks for noticing. You're soon to be new place looks great!