Saturday, January 28, 2012

Preperations EFA 2.3

It feels as though it's been weeks since the last Epic Family Adventure.  Maybe it has been that long.  The men have had many adventure, but my sickness full of anger as of lately has kept me staying at arms length with my men so as not to attack them with my words.  Turns out the medication trial #8 only increased my already agitation and frustration.  I'm glad to be mostly human again and able to love on my three men. 

This weeks EFA falls on a rainy scuzzy kind of day. Our goals for today was to find a trunk. We stopped at a few little antique and thrifty stores, but all were closed due to the weather.

Still we weren't discouraged.  We stopped by the new apartment for some measurements and off we went this time looking for some curtains, baskets, and inexpensive things to wow the boys with there new room.  All of which we found.

Only stopping for lunch and naps.  We threw in some Maine Jump for the hoolies to get out all that pent up energy.  After all they did really well shopping with us today.  I think they are excited about the new bedroom, even if it doesn't have a closet as Man of the woods had hoped.

For he clung to the LORD; he did not depart from following Him, but kept His commandments, which the LORD had commanded Moses.
~ 2 Kings 18:6

1644.  Happy little helpers as we shopped.
1645.  A daddy to save the day as the boys began to have a melt down.
1646.  Clearance
1647.  Green curtains just as Man of the woods had hoped for.
1648.  Brown curtains as Momma had hoped for.
1649.  Strong man insisting I buy a crate full of character just perfect for my spices.
1650.  Bounce houses.
1651.  Little boy laughter.
1652.  the sound of rain hitting the snow.

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