Monday, January 23, 2012

Random memories from fall of 2011...

...With some pictures of an indoor snowball fight from this winter.  I know it all makes perfect sense.

 ~ The boys had been asleep for over two hours and woke just before getting home. Trying to keep the ride a joyful one I started talking with them. Teasingly I said, "To bad you didn't like the camera's you got from Grammy, huh?" No response so strong man joining in the jesting said, "Well I guess that means I get to have them." Instant sobbing! Strong man was trying to talk over the boys to let them know that he was just teasing, and me well I was doing all I could to hold the knee slapping laughter inside to keep the situation from getting any worse. Although, I'm sure I failed big time...

~ The boys are in stitches as they see who can blow the dust bunny the furthest...Wondering how I should take that?

~ Most nights the chore of brushing the wee ones teeth brings many tears. For one it's because he hates the task so combined with his strong will it ends in tears some days for both of us. For the other the tears come when the task is finished and I say 20 minutes of brushing is plenty...
~ I came into the living room from doing the laundry to find that my boys were playing "Splat the tomato" all over my living room.

~ On a date, with my Strong man, looking for lamps. I stopped and asked a man pulling some goods where it was I could find the lamps. He said, "Well my guess would be over there in that area but I don't really know I work for Pepsi." I'm sure the whole store heard our laughter. He was right the lamps were exactly where he said they'd be. On his way out we saw him again and thanked him for his help even if he didn't work there.

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