Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Part 4: I love you, filled with Grace

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After a summer full of emails and some face to face visits while camping or hiking with each others families the day finally came where Strong man told me he loved me. My response wasn't exactly what he had expected, "God and I were just talking about this, and I love you too."

This conversation was the night before he was putting me on a plane so I could go "home" to Hungary, pack my bags and move back to the states.  The Lord had seen fit to take all of my financial support away over the summer.  A summer that was for just that; support raising.   Two weeks after I had helped with a major event, packed my four years of life into 2 suitcases, and left as many notes as possible for my dear intern taking my place and came back to the states. 

Now we knew we loved each other but we weren't really sure what to do next.  Marriage seemed to soon as we had only known each other for four months and see each other in person 11 times.  So we found married friends of all stages to ask them what it was they would ask each other if they could go back to the days before there marriage.  We began to sit down with each other and talk these issues out. 
Here's are some examples of our list:
How would we discipline our kids?
What kind of schooling would we put them through?
How would we manage our money?
How would we handle our disagreements?
What would happen to our other female/male relationships?
What was expected of each other once we were husband and wife?
Would I work?

Once we got through our list we knew we would spend the rest of our lives together.  However I was under the impression that it would be months before he officially asked.  This was on a Tuesday. 

On Thursday he bought and moved into his house.  It was a bit strange when he told everybody to decorate and set up the kitchen as however I wanted it.  Or when he started just taking a small box of breakables I asked him to store in a closet of his.  He used them to decorate his living room.  I should have known that he was going to ask soon.

The next day as we were finishing up with the cleaning he sat me down on the couch and said, "It's good to know you're going to say yes when I ask you."

With that I responded with, "Well I can't keep it a secret very long you'd better hurry up and ask."

Strong man said, "Would you like to go get a ring?"

So off we went ring shopping actually it was more like the first store we came to I found a beautiful ring.  There in the store he asked me to be his wife.

(For the rest of the romance story check in ever December 9 to find a new tidbit of our day shared.  It was a fun day with many laughs.)

1576.  Others willing to take time for us.
1577.  Hard conversations.
1578.  My own engagement story.
1579.  The most beautiful ring.
1580.  The scream from my handy mom as she found out.
1581.  Being dragged by the hand by my mom as she found out to share the news with others.
1582.  My sister catching on. 
1583.  Strong mans miss placed hand on my sisters knee cause much laughter throughout the entire family to this day.
1584.  Cleaning house.
1585.  Commitment.
1586.  The green couch.

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